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My scholarly work primarily concerns creating openings and spaces for anti-oppressive discourses and practices. I am most interested in studying experiences and pedagogical sites where divergent worldviews coexist. These, I argue, are sites of power relations that are educational and political.

My current research on community organizing and resistance to neoliberal education reform puts filmmaking to work in research analysis and presentation.

My work appears in the International Review of Qualitative Research, Qualitative Inquiry, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, Educational Philosophy and Theory, The Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, Handbook of Public Pedagogy, Women and Pedagogy: Education through Autobiographical Narrative, and Duoethnography: Dialogic Methods for Social, Health, and Educational Research. I received the Outstanding Dissertation of the Year (AERA, Qualitative Research SIG) for Challenging the Hegemony in Education: Specific Parrhesiastic Scholars, Care of the Self, and Relations of Power.


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