Dunbar High School flourished in Texarkana, Texas for 7th to 12th grades, offering a community-based education to generations of Black families from 1916-1968. In 1968, the high school was closed to integrate the Texas High School (THS). The Dunbar Buffalos, who were not yet alumni, joined the Texas Tigers to complete their high school careers. This is an interview film project of Dunbar alumni 50 years after the closing of the school during the occasion of their all-classes reunion. The project archives 22 individual interviews electronically, and develops themed short films, which bind individual accounts together to tell a cohesive story of the lived experiences of the alumni. These films share the multifaceted personal development participants attribute to their experience and development of Buffalo Pride.

Research Team & Film Crew

  • M. Francyne Huckaby
  • Stephanie Cuellar
  • Michelle Nguyen
  • Kellton Hollins
  • Rachel Brooks
  • Michelle Prokof
  • Jonathan Crocker

Dunbar 1916-1968

Thematic Short Films

Dunbar Oral Historians