I cannot come up with any way to critique the course. Some professors I’ve had, I’ve recognized how good they are when they’re teaching, but what you’ve managed to do is almost magical, holding your cards close, masterfully whipping out the next lesson from out of left field. I never see it coming! – Graduate Student

As an educator, I work to create experiences that engage students with the world and introduce them to the depth and breadth of pedagogy. In my classes, I invite students to explore established formal knowledge of our field, as well as tacit ways of knowing informed by experiences; our varied, multiple, and divergent experiences. When studied together, these forms of knowledge complicate each other.

This is difficult, often uncomfortable;

beautiful, often invigorating work.

I facilitate student understanding by encouraging critical analysis entwined with generosity and sensitivities to the histories and constraints of people’s circumstances. Curriculum Studies critically explores education, within and outside school settings, with an ethic that honors diversity, respects all people(s), and encourages democratic community building and engagement.

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